A.B.C Throwback

My latest finished project…

The A.B.C Throwback


A 1996 Kawasaki VN800 Classic, bought in very shabby condition. In fact, the extent of neglect was a lot worse than assumed and so the majority of time spent on this bike has been repairing and replacing parts to ensure a safe and reliable, one off custom build. The ‘Throwback’ has been made to order on a budget. Besides the total replacement and overall service of the bikes consumables, the budget allowed me to play with the look and sound of the bike. Lucky as it looked and sounded shite!


I started with the bars. Standard VN bars have a pretty naff look. Not enough rise to look mean and too tall to be cool and standard bars never feel quite wide enough. They were bent anyway so on went the 14″ black apes. A 5.3/4″ black lucas style headlight fits nicely and beefs up the look of the front end. The fork shrouds went for shot blasting before powdercoat and actually shot through! So I’ve replaced with gaitors. Then finished off the front end with a bobbed fender cut down from the original.


The tank, I wanted to make a feature. After meeting a painter who promised he could match the 70’s style paintjob on the A.B.C Bobber, I handed over the tank and waited the 2 weeks he assured me it would take…..  Anyway, 7 months later! This seems to be par of the course for the painters I’ve used so far. And so 7 months on I got the tank back. Part of the delay had been that the tank did not have the designs or quite the look I had wanted. You could call it artistic licence. However, that’s not quite what I call it. Anyway, after some delay it was decided that was that and I guess the SIDES of the tank look pretty damn cool. The errr ‘misunderstanding’ which becomes a feature itself on the tank, is where I got the idea for the name ‘Throwback’. Partly due to the 70’s style paintwork and mostly because it’s what I wanted to do when I first saw that bloody Maltese Cross!!

DSC_1925 copy

The Corbin Mustang seat has been re-covered as it resembled those jeans that dick in Bros wore. Not good. Bloody nice job and it only took a week! Not a turn around I’m used to haha. Will definately use this guy again. I sprayed the engine, frame and forks myself along with the Exhaust pipes, these were some old Highway Hawk ‘Jardine’ copies I had lying around. They sound great and give the VNs a bit more kick. So I sprayed, wrapped and fitted them. The fenders went to Freedom Fighter Customs in Ashton-U-Lyne. Real good lads and a nice repair and paint job with another quick turn around!

DSC_1922 copy

The final touches; hand grips, foot pegs, chain guard, brake light & plate.


As of yet I’ve not ridden the ‘Throwback’.  The buyer lost his job, just as I finished the bike. So I’m waiting for the bike to be insured to get an Mot and let the happy owner ride off. He’s a Chef by the way, so if you know of any jobs going in the Oldham, Tameside, Manchester area, let me know and then I can get my money back!!! haha