A.B.C V11 Jackal Racer



This truly stunning Cafe Racer started life as the Guzzi Jackal. Similar to the California with cut down fenders, but still a bit of a minger!
When I got my hands on this Italian whore, she already had the Alloy bodywork, custom made from ‘the tank shop’ and the Mistral Exhaust Pipes. K&N Filters and a Power Commander.
The fully adjustable Maxton Suspension gives a firm ride and the Brembo front (with a Ducati Master Cylinder) and rear brakes are mustard! Classic Cafe Racer Mirrors compliment the Swift Chronometric Clocks, adding to that vintage look perfectly. Alloy indicators to match the bodywork and gloss black headlight and tail light add to the only painted parts of the bike, frame, final drive and wheel rims. The cream exhaust wrap sets the pipes off nicely and the rumble from the straight though silencers is deep but not asbo loud. I’ve recently serviced the V11 motor. Oil & filters, Gear and Diff oil, Cleaned Air Filters & Injector Bodies, New Plugs, Valve adjustment, etc. She purrs like an unbalanced tiger, with the characteristic pull of the engine to the right, every time the throttle blips.
The engine, gear box and final drive are all sweet and a real pleasure to experience. Nothing like twins throbbing between your legs!
The riding position is that of a racer. The rear sets kick your legs back and the clip-ons get you leant in and ready for the action ahead. This bike is by no means a tourer! I mean the engine will do it, no problem, but your wrists would break and the feeling would never return to your arse. A bigger problem would be the luggage of which you can attach none and any attempt would be a criminal act. This is a gorgeous bike, not a commuter/tourer/hack but an extension to your penis or flaps or whatever. The riding position is not unbearable but I mention it because I’m getting old and you notice these things, it is however no worse than any sports bike I’ve ridden recently. That said compared to the sports bikes I have ridden of late this little lady is the most enjoyable. The engine has so much character and grunt and she handles too! Then there is the bodywork.. When I first set eyes on the V11 with this Alloy work, I had to have her. I’ve seen a few other Guzzi/BMW Racers with Alloy tanks, but I’m sure you’ll agree, this one just looks bob on. The Swift ‘Smiths’ style clocks suit the bike perfectly and the needles run in reverse, for that touch of class. The bike is not scratch free nor would it ever be, unless you polished her and never rode the lady again. And that would be a tragedy. This is a show bike that you can ride and enjoy. Even the electrics have been waterproofed as to avoid the Italian curse, or the British one, depending on which way you look at it.
The Jackal Racer comes with 11 Months MOT a full service and needs for nothing but a passionate love affair with some lucky bugger!














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