About ABC

Welcome to Alex’s Bobbers & Cruisers…

I’ve worked on, ridden and owned most genres and makes of motorcycle. Two-strokes and Four. Single, twin, triple and inline four configured engines. A while back my desires shifted from Sports, Streetfighter, Enduro & Supermoto. Motorbikes that pump the adrenalin and push your limits. Instead my interest shifted to Custom Cruisers, Bobbers, Cafe Racers and Classic machines. They lack the excitement of modern racing bikes yet offer an alternative thrill. The joy of riding a bike you have designed or restored. Every road is a thrill to ride as you cruise on a bike with character and style. Big engines, loud pipes and bags of torque.

After riding a big Harley I had to have one. They are of course a huge expense, so I had to scrimp, save, borrow and sell. I eventually got my Harley Davidson. An  FLSTSB 1584cc Crossbones.

Buying and customising my Crossbones was no small expense. I often hear the all too familiar tale of money being tight and the cost of a Harley is hard to justify, especially to a wife or bank manager. There are of course alternatives to American steel. The Japanese offer their own Cruisers. Claiming to be ‘original designs’ a lot mimic the Harley style with a built to budget look. They may well offer cheaper purchase and running costs but lack the quality and feel. Lets face it, there’s a lot of Cruisers out there Harley and Jap customs that have had a lot of cheap chrome, paint and leather thrown at them with gaudy and tacky results. It’s easy to ‘Customise’ a bike, yet it takes a little more than a few bolt on extras to make the bike look better than it did rolling out of the factory. Unlike some Harleys that merely require a Stage One tune and straight through pipes, the Jap bikes usually require a little more attention to get them looking right.

This appears to put a lot of potential Custom/Cruiser riders off. So I decided that I could offer ‘Affordable’ Custom Motorcycles. Head turning machines with a classic and tasteful style at a fraction of the cost of your average Custom Chop.

Bespoke Motorcycles built to my design or yours. I’m open to any ideas or projects.