The Slug

‘The Slug’ was the concept bike behind Alex’s Bobbers & Cruisers. My first full Custom re-build.

The Slug  is a Kawasaki VN800 Drifter.

Kawasaki’s idea was to create a modern Japanese tribute to the early ‘Indian’ Motorcycles.

As a standard bike the Kawasaki VN800 and VN1500 models are ugly brutes. As with most Japanese Cruisers the style and finish just doesn’t quite match that of Harley, or in this case the Indians.

So I set to creating a classic looking cruiser with a sleek and mean look.

This is how the Drifter looked upon purchase. I have to admit I was pretty worried that this would always remain an ugly bike!

Once you get the huge seat and naff fishtail standard exhaust system off, theres some nice lines under there!

 The bike is stripped. Oils, filters and worn parts replaced. Bearings greased, cables lubed, then rebuild.
New paint, pipes, seat, clocks, handlebars, lights, tyres, shox, rack…



Kawasaki Drifter
ABC The Slug